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In AquaCity Poprad, conference participants will learn how artificial intelligence will change the world of telco business, as well as life in buildings and cities. This year's conference will be completely different, full of new perspectives on the world around us. Traditionally, there will also be the latest technological achievements in the telco and smart-city sphere, but this time you will experience a slightly different format of the event. Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence will speak in panel discussions and blocks, where we will show real experiences of its deployment in the telecommunications industry or the smart-city sector. In the technology block you will get detailed information about how such AI works.

In order to strengthen the participants' motivation to work on their goals, we invited prominent people from the field of science.

The evening "Artificial Party" is an ideal opportunity to deepen business relations between partners, important clients and local governments. The evening will be in the traditional spirit of informal networking, full of relaxation and fun.


Support of education and motivation of young people

One of the main goals of the conference is also the support of education, motivation of young people and their active involvement in social challenges, as well as access to the ethical development of their talent and creativity. As a result, more than 200 young students will get the opportunity to participate in the conference for free and thus meet exceptional young people who have taken their destiny into their own hands. At the same time, we will financially support young talents from socially disadvantaged families, the implementation of student projects from the innovation center (f)ITcubator in Poprad, the preservation of beech forests as well as the development of ecotourism in the TOKAJ wine region.





Day 1.  22.06.2023 


08:00 am Registration of participants
10:00 am Opening of the conference
10:10 am  Welcome speech by a special guest
10:20 am  Use of AI for early detection of anomalies in the behavior of network entities in the ISP and DC environment

Peter Vilhan; VNET a.s., Kinit

In 2019, we observed another change in the characteristics of cyber attacks. VNET a.s. as a DC and ISP service provider, it is in a unique position to detect attacks and take steps to mitigate them early. Flow was simple, in case of a saturated port or an attack reported by the client, DDoS protection was activated, provided by an external scrubbing center. With the growing number of clients, the complexity and frequency of attacks, it was necessary to minimize the time required to detect an attack in 24/7 mode. We would like to share with you our experience in the use of AI for the detection of anomalies in the behavior of network nodes, based on data obtained from the NetFlow and IPFIX protocols.

10:40 am  How should the ISP (and not only him) pass the exam for the future deployment of AI in his company and network?

Libor Bešenyi; Xolution s.r.o.

Deploying artificial intelligence makes sense for companies, at a certain technological maturity. This process has its own rules. Skipping individual steps can be unnecessarily expensive and unproductive. Frustration from the poor results of deploying edge technologies is mostly related to an inappropriately chosen strategy.

11:00 am  Hacking (with) ChatGPT

Martin Lohnert; Soitron a.s.

During this presentation, we will try to find an answer to the question of whether ChatGPT can be abused to break the security of one of the industrial systems. Since the creators prevent it in every possible way, we would first have to "break" ChatGPT's protection. Is it theoretically possible? And if so, how? And how to defend against similar threats?

11:20 am  GeoAce - Georeferenced Augmented Reality for GIS & Mapping, with an iPhone and an Emlid Reach RX RTK receiver

Ivan Tochev; Skytech

11:30 am  Panel discussion - Which ISP will dominate in 10 years?

Marek Engler; Slovanet, a.s.; Róbert Ťavoda; APKT; Peter Vilhan; VNET a.s.; Libor Bešenyi ; Xolution s.r.o.

Security of telecommunications networks, protection of your clients from cyber attacks with perfect personalized care, efficient automatic orchestration of company tasks or evaluation of client behavioral analysis for tailor-made services and higher sales. How to reconcile it all and transform yourself into a real operator of the future?

12:20 am   Lunch
1:30 pm  Ones and zeroes - a powerful message from young students to adults

Trma-vrma; ZUŠ Letná

They were born into the world of smartphones and tablets. Their real life mixes with the virtual. Or is the virtual one mixing with the real world?

1:50 pm   Questions for the students
2:00 pm  The future of buildings and city districts that have "Phillip" in full armor!

Ján Michlík, Phillip a.s.

Modern buildings often forget the most important ones, the people who live in them. Why is digital identity, cyber security, ESG certification or overall SmartScore important? And will people ever get used to get help in better housing from artificial intelligence?

2:10 pm  AI-Powered Property Management Tool to Automate Operations

Tomáš Paciga; resitech, s.r.o.

In this presentation, we will explore digitalization in property management enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The focus will be on an innovative AI-powered property management tool designed to streamline and automate various operational tasks. Furthermore, the presentation will showcase the benefits of adopting an AI-powered approach to property management, including improved cost-effectiveness, enhanced tenant experiences, optimized resource allocation, reduce the error rate and data-driven insights for better decision-making. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the potential of AI in revolutionizing property management practices, unlocking new levels of productivity, and enabling property managers to focus on strategic and value-added activities.

2:18 pm  Modular constructions and practical use of mixed reality in cities

Dušan Okleštek; CUB.SYSTEMS s.r.o.; Jozef Griač; IMOBILIO, civil association

We will present the CUBSY modular construction system, which is based on a combination of two technologies. It is about the structural elements themselves, from which it is possible to assemble a number of types of purpose-built structures (shelves, ramps, walkways, carts, podiums, stands) and about a unique configuration system that is based on the use of mixed reality technology.

2:25 pm  Building a support ecosystem for Slovakia

Lucia Litvová; COLLDEEDS

By creating a vivid community, we can create a supportive ecosystem and help build the name of Slovakia as an attractive country of innovation and technological progress. Thanks to this, we can retain and develop local talents, mitigate the brain drain and also show new opportunities and changes to bring back our "brains" from abroad and at the same time attract international experts. Presentation of the new platform COLLDEEDs IT professionals network - CITPN as one of the community building tools for IT specialists from abroad.

2:35 pm  From Data to Decisions: The Transformation of the Real Estate Market

Martin Decký; BuiltMind, Inc.
Discover the transformative power of data in residential real estate. In this presentation, we will dive into how BuiltMind uses data mining and machine learning technology to compile robust market data and generate dynamic pricing proposals. We'll cover how BuiltMind enables developers and investors to make informed decisions, leverage market trends, increase profitability and streamline business operations.

2:45 pm  2N Telekomunikace a.s.
2:45 pm  Open the door to the future

Martin Hudec; Miloslav Eis; 2N Telekomunikace a.s.

3:00 pm What innovations will prepare our cities for a bright future?

Silvester Krčméry; CIVITTA, EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub; Martin Murín; HDS, a.s.; Peter Wolf; Dubnica nad Váhom; Michal Hudák; Košice

Discussion on the topic of the current state and possibilities of innovation in cities. We will present the most common challenges and opportunities associated with the introduction of innovations and specific examples from Slovak cities.

CIVITTA, EIT Urban Mobility

3:50 pm  Coffee break
3:50 pm  Decision-making based on data in energy

Šimon Staňo, DAITABLE s.r.o.

What is measured - improves. Why successful companies know their numbers and are data-driven.

4:00 pm  Panel discussion - AI – Revolution or Evolution?

Milan Oselský – Amelia; Mária Bieliková – KINIT; Libor Bešenyi – Xolution; Marek Môcik – Blockchain Slovakia; Lukáš Hatala - Neuromorphics Europe

Panel discussion on artificial intelligence, its benefits, development, direction, but also threats in our networks, buildings, cities and lives.

5:25 pm  Free program
6:00 pm  Dinner
9:00 pm  Artificial Gala evening with an invitation to Spišský Castle 2024

TECH HALL - Sm(Art) Deep in Tech

08:00 am  Registration of participants
10:00 am  Opening of the conference
10:20 am  Introduction to workshop

Monitoring of the most important parameters of buildings in cities.
Marek Pavličko; eIoT s.r.o.

Detailed presentation of the process of building measurement design, its implementation and data storage, using the latest modules for efficient building management. Preparation of data sets for future analyzes and deployment of decision-making mechanisms.

Workshop on the topic of the use of artificial intelligence in cities
Gabriela Grmanová, Marek Lóderer; HOPERO; Igor Wzoš; Martin Baloga; Slovak Smart City Cluster

The seminar will present current and future tasks, the solution of which will help the efficient use of electrical energy in cities. It will outline the solution methods and artificial intelligence approaches suitable for solving these tasks.

12:30 pm  Lunch
2:00 pm  GPON Control – Provisioning simply and quickly

ICT Solutions, s.r.o.; Jozef Rebjak; Mikuláš Levkut

GPON is a modern optical standard providing fast and reliable data transmissions in telecommunication networks. The implementation of automation enables quick configuration, monitoring and correction of errors in GPON networks, which guarantees lower costs and higher efficiency in their operation.

2:20 pm  Dynamics of the times and solutions of the world of the Internet of Things directed by Orange Slovensko a.s.

Michal Jášek; Orange Slovensko, a.s.

We live in a world of rapid information, change and variability. It is precisely these denominators that we capture at Orange Slovensko a. s. in our IoT solutions. Artificial intelligence, energy management, network components give us the dynamism to reflect on the demands of the market, both local and thanks to business units of Orange Group also European market.

3:00 pm  The new generation of AI memristor processors, with wide use not only in the telco environment

Lukáš Hatala; Neuromorphics Europe

IT and Telco industries been powered by rapid semiconductor technology development know as well as Moore Law. Unfortunately, economical and physical limits been reached and there are new forces necessary which can power up future growth. Let’s talk about why we need to think about new components, new architectures and new services that will evolve it the future and what is opportunity of actors in this emerging ecosystem.

Day 2.  23.06.2023


08:00 am  Registration of participants
09:00 am  Opening of the conference
09:30 am  Tips for students: How to get into Harvard and start a startup!; Martin Decky; BuiltMind, Inc.

Presentation is intended for students who want to learn more about how to proceed if they want to apply for study abroad or if they are interested in founding startups. The lecture will provide basic information and principles on how to achieve these goals. It will deal with preparation for studying abroad, choosing a suitable country and university, as well as various aspects of founding and developing startups. The lecture will provide you with motivation and valuable advice on the way to fulfilling your dreams.

09:45 am  How will AI change the requirements for the future labor market and in business?

Libor Bešenyi; Xolution s.r.o.

Using the example of new findings from the theory of consciousness and brain functioning, in the context of artificial intelligence, we will show how to think about the future requirements of employers. Does a strong stream of specialization or a holistic view of the world make sense? And how to do business in technology, what is the difference between a technology startup and a deep tech company?

10:15 am  Coffee Break
10:30 am Having an idea is not enough

Šimon Staňo; DAITABLE s.r.o.

Having an idea is great, but it is more important to actually begin. How to start your business while you are still young and why failure is important for success.

11:00 am Hear me out!

Melánia Šírová; Iryna Teslyk; Lukáš Zvozil; Samuel Brezovský; OA Račianska 107, Bratislava; Lucia Litvová; Metro AI Line

The winning team of the all-Slovak Junior Achievement day competition will present the possibilities of better inclusion of children of foreigners and students in Slovakia and the importance of spreading empathy.

11:30 am Ones and zeroes – a strong message from the young to the young

Trma-vrma; ZUŠ Letná

You were born into the world of smartphones and tablets. Your real life mixes with your virtual life. Or is the virtual one mixing with the real world?

12:00 am  Lunch

Conference will be situated in one of the world's most green resort AquaCity Poprad.


Entrance fee covers all-day activities, presentations, workshops, evening events and meals, excluding accommodation.


240€ with VAT

  • Entrance for 2 days of the conference
  • Coffe breaks
  • Lunch
  • Admission to the all-day program
  • Dinner
  • Entrance to the relax zones of AquaCity
  • Entrance to the evening party
  • Accommodation is not included in the price


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