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In AquaCity Poprad, conference participants will learn how artificial intelligence will change the world of telco business, as well as life in buildings and cities. This year's conference will be completely different, full of new perspectives on the world around us. Traditionally, there will also be the latest technological achievements in the telco and smart-city sphere, but this time you will experience a slightly different format of the event. Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence will speak in panel discussions and blocks, where we will show real experiences of its deployment in the telecommunications industry or the smart-city sector. In the technology block you will get detailed information about how such AI works.

In order to strengthen the participants' motivation to work on their goals, we invited prominent people from the field of science.

The evening "Artificial Party" is an ideal opportunity to deepen business relations between partners, important clients and local governments. The evening will be in the traditional spirit of informal networking, full of relaxation and fun.


Support of education and motivation of young people

One of the main goals of the conference is also the support of education, motivation of young people and their active involvement in social challenges, as well as access to the ethical development of their talent and creativity. As a result, more than 200 young students will get the opportunity to participate in the conference for free and thus meet exceptional young people who have taken their destiny into their own hands. At the same time, we will financially support young talents from socially disadvantaged families, the implementation of student projects from the innovation center (f)ITcubator in Poprad, the preservation of beech forests as well as the development of ecotourism in the TOKAJ wine region.





Day 1.  22.06.2023 


08:00 am Registration of participants
10:00 am  Opening of the conference
10:10 am  Welcome speech by a special guest
10:20 am Will AI protect telecommunications networks from itself?

VNET a.s., Kinit

10:30 am  Are telco companies ready to deploy AI?; Libor Bešenyi;

Xolution s.r.o.; Libor Bešenyi

10:50 am Protection of buildings and their networks against cyber attacks

Soitron a.s.

11:00 am  ISP / AR network documentation
11:20 am  Panel discussion - Which ISP will dominate in 10 years?

Security of telecommunications networks, protection of your clients from cyber attacks with perfect personalized care, efficient automatic orchestration of company tasks or evaluation of client behavioral analysis for tailor-made services and higher sales. How to reconcile it all and transform yourself into a real operator of the future?

12:30 am   Lunch
1:40 pm  Ones and zeroes - a powerful message from young students to adults

Trma-vrma; ZUŠ Letná

They were born into the world of smartphones and tablets. Their real life mixes with the virtual. Or is the virtual one mixing with the real world?

2:00 pm  The future of buildings and city districts that have "Filip" in full armor!

Ján Michlík, Phillip a.s.

Modern buildings often forget the most important ones, the people who live in them. Why is digital identity, cyber security, ESG certification or overall SmartScore important? And will people ever get used to get help in better housing from artificial intelligence?

2:10 pm  Correct interpretation of data and their use in residential housing

Tomáš Paciga; resitech s.r.o.

2:18 pm  Modular constructions and practical use of mixed reality in cities

We will present the CUBSY modular construction system, which is based on a combination of two technologies. It is about the structural elements themselves, from which it is possible to assemble a number of types of purpose-built structures (shelves, ramps, walkways, carts, podiums, stands) and also about a unique configuration system that is based on the use of mixed reality technology.

2:25 pm  Real-estate business based on data

BuiltMind, Inc.

2:35 pm  2N Telekomunikace a.s.
2:45 pm Panel discussion - Which innovations will prepare our cities for a bright future?

CIVITTA, EIT Urban Mobility

3:40 pm  Coffee break
3:50 pm  Decision-making based on data in energy

Šimon Staňo, DAITABLE s.r.o.

4:00 pm  Panel discussion - the benefit but also the destruction of artificial intelligence in our networks, cities and buildings

Milan Oselský – Amelia; Mária Bieliková – KINIT; Libor Bešenyi – Xolution; Marek Môcik – Blockchain Slovakia; Lukáš Hatala - Neuromorphics Europe

5:15 pm  Free program
6:00 pm  Dinner
9:00 pm  Artificial Gala evening with an invitation to Spišský Castle 2024

TECH HALL - Sm(Art) Deep in Tech

10:00  Opening of the conference in Business Hall
10:20  Block 1. - AI how to do it
12:00  Lunch
13:20 Block 2. - AI deeper insight
15:30  Panel discussion (smart visionaries & leaders)

Day 2.  23.06.2023


08:00  Registration of participants
09:00  Opening of the conference
09:30  Startup 1.
10:00  Startup 2.
10:30  Startup 3.
11:00  Startup 4.
12:00  Lunch


08:00  Breakfast
09:30  Opening of the tournament
10:00  Tournament
14:00  Lunch

Conference will be situated in one of the world's most green resort AquaCity Poprad.


Entrance fee covers all-day activities, presentations, workshops, evening events and meals, excluding accommodation.


240€ with VAT

  • Entrance for 2 days of the conference
  • Coffe breaks
  • Lunch
  • Admission to the all-day program
  • Dinner
  • Entrance to the relax zones of AquaCity
  • Entrance to the evening party
  • Accommodation is not included in the price


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