Viera Grohová

@ ZŠ Letná

My name is Viera Grohová and I am the Director of the Joint School on Letná Street in Poprad. With this school, we’ve been writing our story since 2010. I can say that I was lucky in my life because my job is a hobby for me today. But the experience and years behind the department still give me the courage not to give up on my dream: to build a school where children want to go. It fills me with the happiness that I am not alone today, but are 70 of us on the same wavelength. I want to share with you how the story of the schools of the combined schools in Letná carefully selected keywords that the paragraphs and chapters of this story fit together and bring the necessary thought depth. We bring you the story of the project School for everybody – School for each day by which we name over key aspects they dared to change expressed by the motto “let’s learn together how to learn.”