Štefan and Mária Súkeník


Štefan (1966). He was born as the eldest child out of seven. His dream was to set up his own company named KINEKUS. In 1991 he started a business without any capital, experience and knowledge of leading a company. Today, he employs more than 200 people, who work under the brand KINEKUS and sell everything that is needed for household, workshop and garden. They supply more than 1000 retail stores all around Slovakia and trade with many countries worldwide. Every year, over a million satisfied customers visit original KINEKUS stores to purchase useful products which make their homes better.

Mária (1967). The youngest out of four children. She has graduated from the Comenius University in Bratislava in mathematical analysis. She has lived her dream, which was to spend time with children, as a teacher at a grammar school, and then mainly as a mother. Nowadays, she is fully dedicated to her family and together with husband helps with the formation of engaged couples in their parish.

Mária and Štefan are married since the 1st of April, 1989. They have 7 children from 9 to 29 years old. The oldest daughter and son already have their own families.