Mgr. Jozef Griač

Jozef Griač

@ Imobilio

Jozef is the founder and administrator of the civic association Imobilio, which focuses on helping people with disabilities. At the present, the association focuses on completing the construction of the Imobilio research and development center in Karlova Ves, which includes ImobilioHub, a space for startups focused on the development of social entrepreneurship, especially in the area of compensation and medical devices, applications or other tools to improve the quality of life of people with disability and their social application. Jozef Griač received his Master’s degree at the University of Health and Social Work of St. Alžbeta Bratislava at Department of Social Work.

Jozef is a relevant member of the innovative start up “First Drop”. It is a project for saving natural resources – water, using the potential of people with disabilities, promoting environmental solutions that are rationally used by intelligent technologies based on IoT (Internet of Things).