Henrich Tauber

@ RVmagnetics

Henrich Tauber spent his collage years at Faculty of Informatics at Slovak Technical University. After studies he moved on with his life to acquire real life experience in the field of entrepreneurship. He met coaches that helped him on his path and started with selling. Later he discovered the world of networking.. Selling in Slovakia was not enough and he wanted to try the world. That meant to come back to the world of science and tech. Combined with acquired knowledge, he started his journey in company RVmagnetics, where he applies his learned skills. During his travels, throughout US, Asia and Europe, he observed the differences in culture. Henrich likes to collaborate, observe and act on useful and meaningful tasks.

He believes that technical people and people in management are two different worlds. He acts as a middle man to connect the right people with the right people.

Now his aim is bring growth and prosperity with new business contacts to RVmagnetics. To show the world what their sensors are capable of.