Dávid Cymbalák


David Cymbalak (SCSTI) – Videoconference systems and streaming technology professional. Since 2015 he has been in Central management office of National Telepresence Infrastructure of Slovak Republic. In 2015 achieved PhD in field of multi-camera systems automation at Computer Networks Laboratory on Faculty of Electrotechnical Engeneering and Informatics in Kosice (TUKE). He has working as researcher at University Science Park Technicom. His work is dedicated to research and development new generation of collaborative services based on streaming mechanism automation, interactive solutions and videoconference interoperability. He participated on many national and international research and development projects, he has experience in field of innovation, technology transfer and early-stage startup acceleration. He is holder of ProEduco 2014 price for technological acquisition, winner of Slovak national and finalist of global Telekom Innovation Contest 2014 or semifinalist of global Creative Business Cup 2014.