Join us and discover ``You too`` how to save our planet!

Join us, discover IT and save the planet!


#Metro ON Line

During conference, in the AquaCity Poprad resort, participants will become familiar with the current products offered for passive and active part of the network, telecommunication devices, IoT trends as well as modern Smart services for residential customers and business customers alike.

This year’s conference will be enriched by the opinions of cyber security experts on various IT areas and topics such as the blockchain phenomenon and their application. Representatives of local governments, broadband streaming services, global technology leaders as well as television and telecommunication associations will take part in panel discussions and go through the hot topics of recent times.

To reinforce and strengthen the motivation of conference participants to work on and meeting their goals, we have invited famous people from the field of science (Slovak Academy of Science). Our focus is put on the connection between original elements of the nature – Sun, Water & Modern science.

The everyday “Metro Eco Party” is going to provide you with a superb opportunity to deepen business relations among partners, major clients and local governments. The final part of the evenings is going to be spent in a traditional spirit of informal networking, relaxation and entertainment in “eco vs apocalyptic” style.

One of the main goals of the conference is to support education, motivation of young people and their active involvement in global challenges while allowing them to learn more about the ethical development of their talent and creativity. Therefore, over 200 talented young IT students are going to get an opportunity to attend the conference for free.

At the same time, we are going to financially support: young talents from socially disadvantaged families, implementation of student projects in the (f)ITcubator in the city of Poprad as well as the rescue of beech forests and development of ecotourism in the TOKAJ wine region.

New topics

Smart Cities
IT Security
Smart mobility
Smart Building

Conference pillars

Social Inclusion

Multilingual Support


Keynote Speakers

Marek Zeman
Andrej Doležal
Maroš Finka



Vladimír Ondrejička

professor at the Institute of Management STU in Bratislava


Martin Hudec



Mgr. Peter Gömöry, PhD.

director of Astronomical Institute of SAS


Andrej Doležal

Minister of Transport and Construction of the SR


Ing. Igor Šenkarčin



Igor Wzoš

Slovak Smart City Cluster


Filip Jančík



Peter Vesterbacka

FinEst Bay entrepreneur


Milan Škorupa

IDS Východ, s.r.o.


Daniela Galandová

mayor of the city Snina


Tomáš Lamprecht

General director of SFHD


Ján Michlík

Smart City/Building


Peter Blaas

Antik Telecom & Technology


Martin Sallai

Asbis pre-Sales Technical Consultant


Tomáš Paciga



Štefan Bieľak

chairman of the sub-Tatra regional ZMOS


Peter Kočík



Martin Štefanco

Director of the Energy Agency


Pavol Hudák

Chairman of the Transport office


Martin Murín

Managing Director HDS, a.s.


Martin Lohnert

Director of the Void SOC Cyber Security Center


Ján Zuštiak



BUSINESS HALL – Sm(Art) living

Registration of participants

120 mins

Opening of the conference

5 mins

Healthy buildings – healthy people. A brief introduction to the issue

Igor Wzoš - Slovak Smart City Cluster

5 mins

Are we ready for rental housing?

Juraj Bartoš - State housing development fund

10 mins

2N Access Solution for Smart Buildings

Martin Hudec - 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s.
The presentation focuses on 2N smart access control solution for commercial and residential buildings. We will explain the main advantages of our access solution, advise where specifically the 2N solution can be used and highlight the benefits of remote management of credentials.


Does building deserves a digital twin?

Igor Stanek - CHASTIA FM

5 mins

Living with Philip!

Tomáš Paciga - Resitech
Ján Michlík - AmiNet
Integration of various technologies empovering security and energy effeciency of buildings. In combination with communcation platform for citizens pushes their quality of living to the next millenium!

10 mins

Plan, build, live!

Vladimír Ondrejička - SPECTRA

10 mins

Panel discussion – do we care how we live?

What has changed in the perception of living in apartment buildings over the last 40 years, how have cities changed and the relationship to property ownership, or why is it necessary to start influencing the behavior of residents and their involvement in local communities?
Panelists: Juraj Bartoš, Vladimír Ondrejička, Martin Hudec, Igor Stanek, Tomáš Paciga, Ján Michlík, Martin Štefanco, Daniela Galandová
Moderator: Igor Wzoš

100 mins


75 mins

The sun – the star of life

As the life-giving center of our solar system, the sun provides, in addition to life, an unlimited source of energy for millions of years to come. Where and how does this energy form, what processes take place in the Sun's atmosphere, do they have a direct impact on the Earth and its surroundings, and does the Sun have an impact on the current global warming ?; Peter Gömöry; Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

20 mins

What happens before, during and after a cyber incident?

Martin Lohnert - Soitron


What is the future of mobility? Let’s get inspired!

Peter Vesterbacka - FinEst Bay Area


What does the public expect from transport?

Igor Šenkarčin -

10 mins

Automation at transport control with impact on environment

Martin Murín - HDS
The use of CCTV systems in transport not only to increase road safety but also to reduce emissions in transport.

10 mins

How to use alternative systems of transport in big cities?

Peter Danihel - PRO DANUBIA

5 mins

Integrated public and sharing transport in Košice with Smart elements

Peter Blaas - ANTIK Telecom s. r. o.
The added value of combining Smart City solutions in the integration of public transport and sharing services for city residents and tourists.

8 mins

Does Slovakia have enough electric energy?

Ján Zuštiak - AgeVolt

7 mins

Support of bicycle transport by the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic

Andrej Doležal

15 mins

Panel discussion – Where is Slovak transport system heading?

Transport is a daily necessity for the public, it fundamentally affects the quality of life in our country, it determines the overall level of functioning of society. It helps to move for work and responsibilities, but also brings stress, endangers safety, burdens our planet. What are the trends in transport in Slovakia, what needs to be changed and can we bring people the joy of traveling in a short time perspective and at the same time save them costs?
Panelists: Andrej Doležal; Pavol Hudák; Ján Zuštiak; Martin Murín; Peter Danihel; Štefan Bieľak; Milan Škorupa; Peter Blaas; Martin Lohnert
Moderator: Igor Šenkarčin

80 mins

Relax in a water paradise combined with a heavenly balloon trip

180 mins


60 mins

eco “Phillip” party!

An unforgettable concert in the café bar and restaurant, with a taste of rebirth after the apocalypse.


Sm(Art) communication

Registration of participants

120 mins

Opening of the conference

10 mins

Refresh CPE from Mikrotik and TP-LINK

Martin Sallai - ASBIS Brief refresh of the existing CPE portfolio from Mikrotik and TP-LINK; CPE router and 5G combinations; Possibilities of LAST mile connections with Mikrotik

35 mins

SmartTV = Smart content (Recommendations in IPTV)

Svätopluk Hanzel -
In a world where everything is tailored to your specific taste, running "smart" IPTV can present unique challenges. We will look at them and their possible solutions, as well as the implementation in SledovanieTV and its future.

90 mins


100 mins

Green fuel for ITspecialist

Emil Tomáš
As I regained energy, fitness, vitality in today's world of modern technology.


Adaptive security for SOC teams, orchestration, automation and response

Peter Kočík - Fortinet
The ever-evolving threat environment and its complexity create barriers for security SOC teams and potentially leave organizations under attack. Many organizations have deployed dedicated solutions, but the increased complexity of security contributes to many problems. SOC teams have to deal with too many solutions, too many alerts for investigations through manual processes that slow down response times, and a lack of trained staff to handle the expanding workload.

30 mins

Living with Phillip in your town!

Ján Michlík - AmiNet
Presentation showing integration of new technologies into modern building with proposal of cooperation with local ISPs.

30 mins

Relax in a water paradise


Registration of participants


Opening of the conference


Filip Jančík


Stanka Klčová


Peter Vesterbacka







The conference will take place in one of the ``greenest`` resorts in the world - AquaCity Poprad.


Športová 1397/1, 058 01 Poprad



Please ask for special price as a guest of Metro On Line at these partners hotels and pensions






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Admission includes all-day activities, presentations, workshops, evening events and all-day refreshments, lunches and dinners, excluding accommodation.
Registration from 5.5.2022

Local ISPs, ZMPS members, cities representatives and non profit organizations

Other attendees (global ISPs, supliers, investors,...)


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